The Life Of William Faulkner Essay

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The Life of William Faulkner William Faulkner began his career as an author during the 1920’s. After many struggles and patience he was finally recognized as one of the most important figures in literature. A friend named Sherwood Anderson who was also a great writer of the times published Faulkner’s first novel, Soldiers’ Pay, in 1926. He was not to have financial success until Sanctuary was published in 1931. These works finally brought him notice by the public as a symbolic writer of the times. Faulkner was not recognized until over twenty years later in his career when he won the Nobel Piece Prize in 1949. Faulkner’s career lasted more than three decades, resulting in 19 novels published, 80 short stories, two books of poetry and numerous essays. His work showed much compassion and bore witness to the political, economic, and social changes in the South. William Faulkner had an interesting life dealing with personal struggles, developing as a writer, and had similar qualities as a writer to Shakespeare. William Faulkner was the most detrimental writer of Southern literature during the 1920’s. So many of his influences on his writing come deep down from his Mississippi southern roots. Faulkner tried very hard to keep his personal life private. For many famous writers their novels were never given praise until after they were dead, Faulkner was very much alive and wanted to live a simple life. Faulkner was a brilliant, eccentric man, but had the tendency to make up elaborate stories of him. Known to start rumors of himself, he led many historians to draw a blank on the many chases he sent them on. When interviewed he would become very uncomfortable or upset during when the interviewer would begin to delve into his childhood, going further into his violent past in which he was raised. He started responding with vague answers becoming short with the interviewer

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