The Life Of Madame C.J. Walker

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Madame C.J. Walker Slide descriptions Slide 2: * On December 23, 1867 in Delta, Louisiana. A little girl was born, and her name was Sarah Breedlove, later became known has Madame C.J. Walker. * She was born into a slave family of 5. She and her 4 siblings was the child of Minerva and Owen Breedlove. After her parent’s death, she became an orphan at the age of 7. * At 10 years old, she and her sister moved to Vicksburg in 1878 to obtain work and avoid a yellow fever epidemic and failing cotton crops. Slide 3: * When she was fourteen, she married Moses McWilliams to escape her sister's abusive husband. * Then they had a daughter, named A’Lelia, and when A’Lelia was only two years old, McWilliams died. * In 1894 she was married to her second husband John Davis. * Then she got married a third time in 1906 to a newspaper sales agent, Charles Joseph Walker and got divorced in 1912. That’s how she got the last name Walker. Slide 4: * Madam Walker later became an entrepreneur who built her empire developing hair products for black women. So she had a very successful life. * She became the first black female billionaire. This is her million dollar house now. * But before she had that million dollar house, she had to start with this one. Slide: 5 * Her company was built on an actual dream, where a large black man appeared to her and gave her a formula for curing baldness. * At first she was trying to make black women’s hair to look just like the whites. Smooth, soft, and straight. * But then she stressed that her products were simply an attempt to help black women take proper care of their hair and makes it grow. Slide: 6 * She was a really good business woman, so she took advantage and put her skills to work. * So... her, her husband (Mr. Walker), and her daughter (A’Lelia), started advertising her

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