The Life of Jim Carrey

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Early Life James Eugene Carrey also known as Jim Carrey is son of Percy, an accountant, and Kathleen, a housewife. Carrey was born in Ontario Canada on the 17th January1962. He has three siblings and is the youngest of them all. Jim liked to perform comedy routine s for his parents and family. When Carrey was in junior high school, his teachers quelled his bad behavior by letting him share some of his comedy routines with the class. His father Percy lost his job as an accountant when Carrey was 14 and the family fell on hard times. The family had to move into the Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Carrey’s father had to start working as a janitor in the Titan Wheels Factory. Carrey formerly a good student started working eight-hour shifts after school and his grades were dropping. Eventually the family gave away the factory work and moved into a VW campervan. Carrey’s Great Debut Carrey made his debut at the age of 15 at Toronto’s Yuk Yuk’s club wearing a yellow suit his mother made for him. Unfortunately he bombed badly. He eventually dropped out of high school at 16 to become a full-time comedian. Career In 1979 Carrey move to L.A. California to pursue his career. Gaining a regular gig at The Comedy Store, Carrey saw veteran comic Rodney Dangerfield who signed him as his opening act for a season. Carrey started pursuing television and film work, auditioning for “Saturday Night Live” and “D.C Cab”. Carrey gained his first lead role in the series “The Duck Factory”, playing a young cartoonist. Carrey persisted with the silver-screen though and won roles in the film “Once Bitten” with Lauren Hutton in 1985 and a supporting role in “Peggy Sue Got Married” in 1986. In that year, struggling actor met Melissa Wormer, an aspiring actress who was working as a waitress at The Comedy Store. The pair fell in love and married in 1987, having a daughter, Jane Erin

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