The Life of Jesus Christ Essay

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The Life of Jesus Christ The story of Jesus begins even before he was born. We may think how can this be, but it’s true and John the fisherman, a disciple of Jesus, puts it this way: ‘In the very beginning, before anything else existed, the Word (Jesus) existed. The Word was with God and the Word was God.’ Mankind had forgotten the existence of God completely and had sinned beyond pardoning. Therefore, God sent His son Jesus Christ into the world to remind us that there is God, to set aside those from doing errant and give eternal life to whosoever believed in Him. The Bible says, ``If you keep on sinning, it shows that you belong to Satan … But the Son of God (Jesus) came to destroy these works of the devil. The person who has been born into God`s family does not make a practice of sinning, because now God`s life is in him``(1 John 3:8-9). Christ Jesus came into the world to save us from bondage and Satan. God chose the right time for Jesus to come God prearranged that the time was right for His Son (Jesus) to come into the world. It was the right time in the world and was also the right time in God`s great plan. From the beginning of the world, God had prepared for this. This should both surprise and impress us, because God showed his love for men. Galatians 4:4, 5 tell that, “But when the right time finally came, God sent His own Son. He came as the son of a human mother and lived under the Jewish Law, to redeem those who were under the Law, so that we might become God`s sons.” God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus Why did God choose Mary to be the mother of Jesus Christ? He could have chosen any rich woman, yet He chose a simple and poor woman. Because God wants to use men for His noble purpose and before Mary was even born, the Sovereign God decided that He would use Mary for His righteous reason. Then one night, the angel

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