The Life of Destiny Williams: the Most Important Person in My Life

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The most important person in my life is my daughter. Her name is Destiny N. Williams. She has been such a blessing to me from day one of her life. Although I have another baby on the way, I know she will always hold that special place in my heart. Destiny has been my rock and the reason I have made it this far in my life and continue to try and grow each and every day. When I was pregnant with her my baby’s father tried to pay me to have an abortion. Due to the beliefs of my family and my spiritual walk with Christ I could not go through with it. Although I thought hard and long about making the choice to end my pregnancy I could not carry it out. The day she was born and I held her for the very first time we made a connection. As she looked up at me as if she already knew who I was it melted my heart. We had a bond so strong nothing anyone could tell her would change it. I was involved in many activities before I gave birth to her, such as stripping, and I gave it all up when she was born. I was headed down the wrong path fast. My daughter came in and played the role of an angel and helped me through so many of life struggles. She made me become a better person and a wonderful mother. I always have to do what is in the best interest of my child and she helps me to make sure I stay all together. The father of my child has not been in my child’s life in any kind of way since she was conceived. I was struggling financially to support me and my baby. Many nights I would come home and just ball up and cry. I remember one day I was crying so hard and my baby came up and put her arms around me and she cried with me. This was at a very young age and at this moment I decided to get up and stop feeling sorry for myself. I got two jobs and I decided to come back to school and make sure that I did everything in my will to give my baby the best life possible. I work hard

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