The Life Of a Man Essay

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The Influences of a man 08 Fall The Influences of a Man Over the course of’ my life, I traversed through many terrains that brought about wisdom and a lifelong bucket of worthy experiences. I accumulated a wide range of resources and formed everlasting line of influences. Through these resources and influences, I developed a deep sense of self worth, personality traits and many characteristics. My personality and sense of self developed as the result of my sources of influences. In this document, I will share some of my life experiences that made the man that I am today while analyzing the adult development theories learned in class. I will reflect on the experiences that shaped my life the way it is today. For example, in the course of my own life, I feel as if I have been profoundly influenced by family, the educational system, art, and culture. Without the sum total of these disparate sources of influence, I would not be the person I am today. One major source of influence in my life while growing up was my family surroundings. Although being the only child, I had the opportunity of Growing up in close proximity to several aunts and uncles. All of them had children just slightly older than me. Consequently, I played with these cousins virtually every day and regarded them more as older siblings than distant relatives. We shared cultural tradition and looked up to our elders for guidance and wisdom. This turned up to be the guiding line of how I will also turn up in my adulthood. Now that I’m an adult, I find that I talk to them less and lesser. A’ times I go for months between speaking to them and silence. However, this isn’t due to any particular animosity; research indicates that as people age into adults, their interaction with “distant relatives such as cousins” diminishes significantly, even as interactions with close relatives such as parents

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