The Life And Lierary Works Of William Faulkner Essay

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Jessica L. Kelley The Life and Literary Works of William Faulkner Through the examination of William Faulkner’s life, both professional and personal, Faulkner accomplished more in a decade, than most accomplish in a lifetime. William Cuthbert Falkner was born on September 25, 1897, in New Albany, Mississippi. William was named after his great grandfather, William Clark Falkner otherwise referred to as “Old Colonel” (Faulknerpedia). Faulkner’s uncanny skills even at a very young age showed potential in writing and art. His intelligence was evident to his teachers in his early elementary education; although he was an extremely gifted student, his boredom with school became ever so clear in the sixth grade as his grades declined drastically (Pearson). In high school, not much changed as he contemplated quitting and as the next school year started Falkner did not (Ole’ Miss). It would be during this time that Faulkner would meet his best friend Phil Stone, and the true love of his life, Estelle Oldham (Ole Miss). Faulkner soon became disappointed as he and Estelle were torn apart due to her parents’ arrogance. Upon Estelle’s last visit home from school, Faulkner learned of her engagement to Cornell Franklin, a university law student (Pearson Education). Faulkner was still distraught with heartbreaking pain from the loss of Estelle. He soon went on to more disappointment this time at the hands of the United States Air Force. They made this decision based on his height of five feet, six inches tall (Ole Miss). After being rejected by his country’s military, he looked to the great white north; picking up longtime friend Phil Stone to serve beside him. Faulkner and Stone headed for the Royal Air Force in Toronto, Canada (Ole Miss). Faulkner’s application for the royal Air Force this would be his first true public work of fiction as he added the

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