The Life and Death of One of the Greatest Presidents Essay

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“JFK: A Great Life to a Horrible Death” Why was JFK such a great man? Why was he so important to American History? Was it his amazing work ethic? His education background? The fact the he was a war hero? Or was it because he was the 35th President of the United States? I think it's all of these reasons and more JFK was a family man and a political icon. Throughout his life he had four kids and a wife, was in the U.S. Navy, graduated college with honors, and was the 35th President of the United States of America. JFK lived an amazing action packed exciting life and is one of the greatest leaders no doubt that the U.S. Has ever seen. One of the most important days in U.S. History was when JFK was born, but one of the most tragic days was in American History when he was assassinated. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. JFK was the second son of his parents Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., and Rose Fitzgerald. John Kennedy Sr. and Rose had nine children. John was the second eldest and had eight siblings, five girls and 3 boys. The eldest was Joesph Kennedy was born in 1915 and was killed in 1944 while fighting for his country in WWII. The third child was Rosemary Kennedy and born in 1918 and was later institutionalized in 1949 until he death in 2005. The fourth child was Kathleen Kennedy born 1920 and died twenty-eight years later in 1948. The fifth child was Eunice Kennedy born one year after Kathleen in 1921. Patricia Kennedy was the sixth child and was born in 1924 and passed away in 2006. Robert was the seventh child to be born into the Kennedy family and was born 1925 and passed 1968. The eight child was Jean Kennedy and was born in 1928. The ninth and final child of John Kennedy Sr. and Rose was Edward and was born in 1932. JFK was born and lived in Brookline Massachusetts for ten years of his life until 1927 when the family

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