The Library in the Gdufs Essay

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The library in the GDUFS attracts quite a few students for its enormous books and spacious self-study area where I spend most of my leisure time. Nevertheless, there exists some uncivilized behaviors, causing much disharmony and upsetting people . As a matter of fact, we can easily see uncivilized behaviors in the library. Some girls wear high heels in the library, clicking on the floor and making much noises. And a few students forget to set their mobile phones in the quiet mode and even answer phones with a high voice in the library. There are also some students prone to taking up seats randomly with books, clothes or something else. Even worse, a few students drink and eat which is prohibited in the library. There was a time when I often came to self-study area. On a Sunday morning, I was busy with my homework there. All of a sudden, I smelt something just like baozi. Being upset, I raised my head and traced where the smell came from. It was quite surprising for me to spot a girl nearby who was enjoying her baozi while reading a book. Very quickly, the smell of baozi infused the self-study area. It was out of question that the smell bothered the rest of people a lot for a long time. Library is an extraordinarily fantastic place for all of us. Hence, from my perspective, it is everyone’s duty to cherish it and to contribute to establishing an enjoyable atmosphere. I do sincerely hope that all of us can behave themselves in the library and the uncivilized behaviors will be gone sooner or

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