The Liars Club

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Mary Karr’s The Liars Club is a memoir about Karr’s traumatic childhood and what type of impact her dysfunctional family made on her childhood. The reasons for the family’s problems stem from the grandmother, Grandma Moore. Grandma Moore always put pressure on Karr’s family, but most of all Charlie Marie. The pressure grandma Moore puts on the Karr’s mother breaks Charlie Marie down, among the pressure was criticizing every relationship Charlie Marie had ever been in. For example, Grandma Moore thought that only certain men were good enough for Charlie Marie, with that being said it just so happened that the one who is Mary Karr’s father was the one Grandma Moore disliked the most. Charlie Marie’s first relationship was with a man who could support her well. Karr states “Paolo was the only husband of mother’s whose existence grandma would acknowledge” (12) and “with a paid-for Ford and a ship waiting for him in the Gulf, Paolo had what grandma thought of as the ability to provide” (12). Karr’s grandmother had too much say in what Charlie Marie did. This made Charlie Marie feel like her back was always against the wall and she always had to abide by her mother’s rules, it made her feel as if she was never free or in control. When Charlie Marie and Paolo ended up splitting up he fought for her and fought for but despite that fact that Grandma Moore “prayed for her to make up with Paolo” (12) she didn’t and when she found Karr’s dad at a truck stop near where she blew a tire he was interested in her. Karr’s dad noticed “her string of practiced invectives, which seemed unlikely given her fancy clothes and New York license plate, impressed him to no end. He never heard a women cuss like that before” (11). Charlie Marie noticed him as well, and Grandma Moore didn’t approve at all because he was a “union worker.” Grandma Moore has always had some hatred for Pete;
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