The Lesson Summary

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In “The Lesson,” Toni Cade Bambara writes about Sylvia, a young poor black female learning that life isn’t what it seems. A group of black children meet a lady named Miss Moore, a role model of the kids who is not a typical black lady in the neighborhood. Miss Moore has “proper speech” and is college educated. When Miss Moore brings the children from the ghetto to an upperclass toy store they are surprised at what they find. “Handcrafted sailboat of fiberglass at one-thousand-one-hundred-ninety-five dollars” make the children feel like for “that much money it should last forever.” Sylvia does not like how Miss Moore is always teaching them lessons and how she is getting them to see that they are so poor. Sugar, Sylvia's cousin, notices she can please Miss Moore if she she just agrees with her the whole time. At the time, Sylvia refused to please Miss Moore but just remains being her stubborn self. By the end of the story Sugar realizes that all though they may live in a poor ghetto town without a lot of money they, “got four dollars anyway.” Sylvia agrees with Sugar but also thinks that “aint nobody gonna beat me at nothin.” Sylvia’s mentality now is that she may have some things, but in order to get more and become successful she needs to get an education like Miss Moore. Even though Sylvia refused to agree with Miss Moore while she was educating them, in the end Miss Moore got her point across and got Sylvia to think about how to succeed in her own
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