The Legalization Of Marijuana In The United States

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The legalization of marijuana is an extremely controversial topic in America, and it has been for years. It is well known that legalization could better our country’s economy, lessen crime, and can benefit those suffering from painful health conditions. So besides the few I have listed, what is the actual problem here? The US government is too frightened to step out of the box and give us, the people, a chance to legally use marijuana for recreational use based on decades of false negative publicity on the matter. Years of ridicule and the constant reminders of the fact that marijuana is the “gateway drug” contributes greatly to this problem. The many myths associated with the drug are all disproven, yet we are still afraid to legalize.…show more content…
When the White House had an open forum to answer questions asked by society, 92,000 people asked questions. Majority of these questions revolved around weed and its legalization. These questions ranged from medical and recreation, but Barack Obama answered them all with a unanimous “no.” Obama is not usually short in describing his reasoning, but this instance is different. He took the easy route and avoided the media from assuming he was always stoned. This is what any politician would do to prevent his reputation from dwindling to nothing (Klein 1-3). Legalization is the solution to many of America’s problems, both economic and humane. All we need is for legislature to be opened minded and educated on the benefits of cannabis. Legalizing will help boost our reputation in a way that nothing else

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