The Law: Frederic Bastiat

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The Law: Frederic Bastiat In 1850, a French Legislature who went by the name of Frederic Bastiat wrote a pamphlet called “The Law”. This short persuasive piece is a great depiction on the way most conservatives, libertarians, even tea party members believe government should act towards their citizens to ensure liberty and rights. Throughout the book there were multiple points that Bastiat made that popped out as I was reading that I related directly to our government today. Although this pamphlet was written over a century ago, the key ideas still serve to be true all over the world with all of the corrupted governments in third world countries. Even in “free” countries like the United States there is still corruption, or “plunder” as Bastiat would say, that put limitations on citizen’s natural freedoms. Bastiat claims “We hold from God the gift which, as far as we are concerned, contains all others, Life-physical, intellectual, and moral life (Bastiat 5).” These are rights that Basiat believes is only what the government should protect. Once those rights are protected, however, it is up to the people to keep their government accountable for perversions in laws that would essentially limit them to their natural rights in any way. His explanations of various situations of bad government laws paint a picture of what has gone on in history and still goes on today. The first point that Bastiat highlighted in the book was “If every man has the right of defending, even by force, his person, his liberty, and his property, a number of men have the right to combine together, to extend, to organize a common force, to provide regularly for this defense (Bastiat 6).” This made me think that Bastiat was basically approving the American Revolution and suggesting that other countries in Europe at this point in history have the right to be revolutionizing their governments the
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