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Brandon Coats Journal Response #4 “The Law of Life” Author: Jack London February 8, 2012 After first reading “The Law of Life” by Jack London, I really didn’t understand the story, but when reading it for the second time I understood it better. Basically what this story is about an old tribe man named Koskoosh. Who is almost blind and deaf; He was left to die in the snow with only sticks that burned with fire. But as the man sat there in the snow he recalls a time when he was a young tribe boy, his tribe and him was hunting a herd of moose’s, while hunting these animals there came along packs of dangerous wolves. The tribe captures one of the moose’s, but Koskoosh saw the packs of wolves and attacked them; in results he killed one wolf and was rewarded as a leader of the tribe. The story goes on to tell that Koskooh has gotten old with faded vision and he can’t travel with the tribe any longer. So he sits in the snow waiting to die, but while he is there he reminisces about his youth years and hear something in the woods that sounds like dangerous creatures. “And he saw the inexorable circle close in till it became a dark point in the midst of the stamped snow” (London, 1056). At this point Koskoosh realizes that it was time for him to die. “Koskoosh dropped his head wearily upon his knees. What did it matter after all? Was it not the law of life” (1057). With this last quote I believe the author, Jack London, was stating that this old man is giving up on fighting the packs of wolves. So he remembers the time when he was young and could handle the wolves. Throughout the whole story Koskoosh say its life that men get old and no longer can fight that they must die. So when he is surrounded by hungry wolves he just give up and the let the wolves slaughter his body form left to right. This is why the author named the story “The Law of Life” meaning that its nature

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