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Module 4 Answering the Opposition ITT Technical “The Latest from the Feminist Front” What was your initial reaction to Limbaugh’s claim that “feminism was established so that unattractive women could have easier access to mainstream of society?” My initial reaction was that Limbaugh was being disrespectful to women in general. Al women have a right to easier access to society whether they are attractive or unattractive. They are still women and women should be respected as much as men are respected. His statement is also very insensitive. What are two of Limbaugh’s main points? The first main point that Limbaugh made was that women today have more power than they realize. Men are considered to be aggressors but the real power rests with the women because they have the power to say yes or no to a man’s advances. The second main…show more content…
He supports these points by making mention of the concept of date rape. He mentioned the actor Fred Savage who was accused of sexual harassment by his fellow staffer. The staffer accused him because he repeatedly asked her to have an affair with him and held her hands. He also made mention of another member of staff on that show who was accused of sexual harassment because he touched the same lady in a sexual way. These examples just shows how confusing it is in identifying sexual harassment today. How would you answer Limbaugh’s points if you were arguing for the opposition to each of the two points you have selected? For the first point, I would argue that women should not have so much power over men because men were created as the head and as such women should respect their authority. For the second point, I would say that sexual harassment should be limited to only sexual behaviors that are forced unto women and not be based on a man trying to win a woman over by his advances. Sexual harrassment refers to sexual actions. Overall did you find this essay convincing? Why and Why

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