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The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks Essay

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  • on November 3, 2011
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Below is an essay on "The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It has become a normality for parents to accept the way of life their children to choose to

live when they get to their teen age .

The lifestyle of the teens depend on the type of people they frequent some children turn

out to live as punks, drug addicts etc. Some parents try to create a reputation for their

children by commanding them ; others choose to let them learn from their mistakes.

In Nicholas Sparks’ book   THE LAST SONG   , the main characters are Veronica Miller “Ronnie “ a seventeen years old teenager who is in crisis because of the divorce of her parents ; Jonah ,Ronnie’s ten years old   brother a smart kid who never misses a chance to blackmail his sister .
Another major character is Will Blakelee , he plays a   facet of Ronnie’s change from a rebellious girl into a young woman . The other characters are ; Steve Miller and Kim Ronnie’s parents ; Marcus (the area bully ) and Galadriel(Blaze)   the stranded homeless girl .
The story occurs at Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina . It all started when Ronnie had to spend her summer with her dad against her will . She didn’t want to go and for that matter did all in her power to get her mum cancel the vacation . She had developed too much hatred for her dad that she didn’t talk to him for three good years . She   ignored her father leaving him with no chance to explain why he left them . She began to hung out with the most dangerous teenagers ;she stayed out till ungraceful hours . In the end Ronnie finds the skeleton in the cupboard ; she finally got to know the reason why her parents divorced . She fell in love with Will and even though they had their ups and downs   she knew who and what she needed in her future ; even though they were going to separate after the summer they maintained the relationship .
    The book is all about a family feud between Ronnie and her dad ; it’s a typical example of what is going on in families of today the book gives some major reasons why some families...

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