The Last Song Essay

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* Miley Cyrus as Veronica "Ronnie" L. Miller, an angry, rebellious seventeen-year-old forced to spend a summer with her estranged father. She later falls in love with Will.[5] * Greg Kinnear as Steve Miller,[6] Ronnie and Jonah's father and former Juilliard School professor and concert pianist who moved to Georgia after his divorce. During the summer, Steve reconnects with Ronnie through their mutual love of music. With Jonah's help, Steve also works to reconstruct the centerpiece of the local church, a stained glass window, after the original was destroyed in a fire. He later dies of cancer.[7][8] * Kelly Preston as Kim Miller, Ronnie and Jonah's mother who raised her children in New York City after her divorce.[6][8] * Liam Hemsworth as Will Blakelee,[9] a popular and skilled beach volleyball player, Will aspires to attend a top university and volunteers at the Georgia Aquarium. He is Ronnie's love interest.[8] * Bobby Coleman as Jonah Miller,[10][11] Ronnie's younger brother sent along with his elder sister to Tybee Island.[12] * Nick Lashaway as Marcus, Blaze's abusive boyfriend who breaks up with her because he wants Ronnie which lead him and Will to fight at Megan's wedding party and the leader of a gang of thugs who hustle money from beach carnival crowds through spectacular fire juggling performances.[10] * Carly Chaikin as Blaze, a rebel[13] who befriends Ronnie when she is sent to Georgia. Blaze betrays Ronnie when she frames Ronnie for shoplifting a watch, but they eventually became friends again.[14] * Adam Barnett as Teddy, a young thug adept at hacky sack and juggling, skills he uses as part of Marcus' crew to hustle money.[15] * Nick Searcy as Tom Blakelee,[16] Will's father. * Melissa Ordway as Ashley, Will's snobby ex-girlfriend.[11] * Carrie Malabre as Cassie, Ashley's best friend who aids Ashley in

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