The Last Song

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Family Images in The Last Song The film The Last Song was developed from the story by the same name written by Nicholas Sparks. The movie focuses on Ronnie and the progress in the relationship between her and her dad, Steve. Ronnie and her brother Jonah spends the summer with their dad for the first time after he divorced their mom and left when Ronnie was 11. The father-daughter relationship is estranged but has loosened up as time goes by and especially since Steve is diagnosed with cancer and Ronnie meets and falls in love with a local boy, Will. The movie successfully shows rather than a flesh blood that running through each family members, the family is built in different kinds of feeling like love, hate, support, trust, protection or sacrifice for each other,. The main focus of the movie is Ronnie. In the first several minutes, the movie introduces Ronnie’s background which consists of divorced parents, a trouble maker teenager and an active young little boy. Although the family before the separation has not been shown, through the parent’s conversation, it can be seen that Ronnie used to have a good relationship with her dad. Steve was her piano teacher. They used to spend quite amount of time together playing piano. He brought her to his concerts that provided a prestigious music school Julliard chances to “see her play since she was 5.” In an innocent mind of an 11-year-old kid, Ronnie might have seen her dad as not only a parent but also a teacher or could even be her idol. However, her parents’ separation caused too much pain for her. She might feel betrayed when her dad left the family. Therefore, her mom has never seen Ronnie touch the piano again, which the ties and memories that only shares between Ronnie and her dad. She even refused to attend Julliard. Ronnie also rebels to express her anger at the divorce. Her mom states Ronnie has no friends at
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