The Last Days of World War Ii Essay

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Period 7 Sadman Samin Military History The Last Days of World War II - Volume 12[6 - 12 May] In the last days of World War II, the war in Europe was finally coming to a stop. In May 7th, 1945 the unconditional surrender documents were signed by Generals of the Allied and Axis forces. On May 8th after President Truman publicly announced the victory of the Allies, wild celebrations erupted all across the world. But in Germany, celebrations were scarce as people were trying to recover from the devastating war. Many Germans lost their families and houses and had very little food to survive. Supporters of the Nazi party were dumbfounded at the loss of the war. On May 10th, the United States began the process of bringing soldiers home. Unfortunately, there was still heavy fighting in Japan with high casualties and the troops desperately needed reinforcements. So many soldiers taken from the war in Europe were redeployed in Japan to fight in the Battle of Okinawa. After receiving reinforcements, the US troops are order by General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. to an all-out attack in Shuri, the last defensive positions of Japan. But the rain and slope of hills made the battle difficult for the US. Meanwhile back in the United States, a top secret weapon of unprecedented destructive power was being prepared to be detonated on Japan. Scientists discussed the ideal height of detonation, preferred weather conditions and time, and procedures in case the mission needed to be aborted. In May 6th, 1945 Hitler’s successor Admiral Karl Donitz proposed surrendering to the Western Allies but not the Soviet Union. This was rejected by the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces general Eisenhower who said that Germany must unconditionally surrender to all allied forces within 48 hours or surrender will not be accepted at all. So Donitz was forced to surrender to the Soviets as well. The

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