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The Language of News Presenters Essay

  • Submitted by: neildaji
  • on September 8, 2013
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The Language of News Presenters

The two BBC run news programmes Newsround and BBC News at Six use a wide array of language techniques to communicate the day’s news to two different target audiences-children and adults. The context in which the programmes are set influences the content of the programmes and the language choices of the presenters.

The two programmes are of different lengths, affecting the contents and vocabulary used in the programmes. Newsround is a short programme lasting only ten minutes compared with the BBC News at Six which is a longer programme of about thirty minutes. Newsround therefore contains more fun facts for kids, succinct information and more entertainment news which is relevant to their lives “Find out why Katy Perry has been kissing (.) the One Direction boys.” (7/09/12 Line 2). This requires the use of simpler vocabulary, especially the use of slang. The lengthier BBC News programme has more detailed analyses, explanations and balanced, reliable information by using specialized reporters and detailed interviews, giving more sides of a story. This therefore requires the use of more complex vocabulary by the BBC News at Six presenters.

Informal language is rarely used in the BBC News and only consists of informal standard terms, no slang or regional terms are used. Since the language of the news presenter(s) is adapted with a particular audience in mind, the adult-orientated BBC News at Six uses very formal and sophisticated language “Mr Carney will be in charge at a crucial time for the British economy”(26/11/12, Line 3) compared to Newsround which is aimed at 6-12 year olds “Find out why scientists are st-staying up all night to track down this animal”(5/09/12, Line 2). This is not the type of language that appeals to the BBC News at Six’s adult-based audience; their audience want an informative and serious programme and any use of slang would antagonize their viewers because it isn’t part of their daily language, unlike...

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