The Land of the Free Essay

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Francis Villalta Blythe Nobleman ENC1102 3 October 2014 [pic] Is the United Sates still The Land of The Free and Opportunity? Can you imagine living in fear and hiding? This is the life of millions of undocumented Americans living in the United States today. When we think of Unites States we think of the land of Freedom and equal Opportunity for all. We can say that immigrants shaped The United States. It’s well considered to be the melting pot of the world. Millions of undocumented Americans face the fear and agony of Deportation. Innocent children face the dilemma of being raised in a country that limits their dreams and future. My essay takes a look at the hardships and difficulties families face while being undocumented in the biggest free nation in the world. I have also met with the Herrera family. Through this essay I will be sharing their thoughts and feelings as they face the eminent deportation. The highly publicized issue of undocumented immigrants and the need for an immigration reform has grown to be a negative aspect in immigration laws of the United States. There are many negative sides that have been brought to the light to the front of the mainstream media. Such Issues include poverty, health care cost, and the lost of jobs. Just like the name states this country was built with the joining of many cultures together. In the Unites States immigrants from all over the world found a home. We were a nation that opens its doors to whoever was looking for a bigger better future. Many families make the hard sacrifice to leave their home country in the hopes of a better future. But as of late, more and more immigrants are falling under the poverty line with no government assistance. Promises of an Immigration reform fall on deaf ears and no hope seems to come to those more affected our young. According to a 2006 Pew

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