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Boncile Hudson 4/1/11 Prof. Lombard The Lake The lake here at the North Campus is just a beautiful place to sit and enjoy studying, eating, or hold a conversation with one of your fellow students. You have a full view of the buildings surrounding the lake. The lake has a water fountain that seems to have some type of man made flotation device surrounding it. The water from the fountain spurs at least twenty five feet into the air; it seems to take a free fall after ascending that high it then sprays a fine mist that the strong wind coming from the southwest direction that sprays all the way to the other side of the lake causing a misty type of view that you can see though to the other side. From the North side where I’m sitting you can view the Arts Building, directly in front of the building sits fifteen huge cement planters with palm trees along with fern type plants. The lake actually has larger palm trees seven on the west end and eleven oh the east end sitting on the banks of lake. Just beyond the east side which is on my left you can view from between the palm trees the Administration Building. There’s a black sculpture on the right hand side of the Arts Building along with a huge tree, and a bench that beckons for someone to come and rest for a while, and take in the view of the lake. It looks so inviting there’s much shade. Three security guards have gathered to my right to enjoy the sight, and privacy of the lake .The sun is shinning now , it had been raining prior to this and the benches are still wet .A brisk cool breeze is coming in from the southwest. Tables with gold colored umbrellas, blue swings, and tables under the umbrellas are strategically poised for comfort along the east and north side of the lake. The sound of a clock is chiming its ten forty-five the sound comes from the A Building which is the Science Building. The class continues

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