The Lady with Pet Dog by Checkov

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The Lady with a Pet Dog" was written by Anton Chekhov during the time period of 1860-1904. Anton Chekhov was a born in a small town in Russia and is greatly appreciated for his works. He gave up his career in medicine in order to completely devote himself to writing. It is said that, in the history of short story writing, no other short story writer except Anton Chekhov has better expressed its often invisible complexities. His realistic style of writing has acted as an important influence on fiction writing. In the story "The Lady with a Pet Dog", Gurov and Anna fall in love and want to be with each other for their remaining lives. According to me it was no point for them to carry on a relationship. Gurov should have treated Anna as another woman in his life and should have just let her go. When Gurov gets back to Moscow he gets on with his life and has a family to be with, but Anna has no one to be with and she really hates her husband. Gurov used to refer to women as the inferior race and should have let her go too as he let all the other woman in his life. Their love, rather than giving them happiness, makes both of them more miserable. It does not make Gurov all that miserable since he's got his children to be with but Anna's life becomes miserable since she has no one to be with. Dimitry Dimitrich Gurov a native of Moscow meets the young charming lady, Anna Sergeyenva in Yalta, a famous tourist attraction in Russia. Gurov is trapped in a married life and always seems to run away from it. He is unfaithful to his wife and hates being at home with his family and considers his wife to be of limited intelligence. Anna is also trapped in married life and runs away from it as much as she can. She calls her husband a 'flunkey' and does not even know what he does. She tells Gurov that she was twenty when she married him and after marriage she realizes that she wants
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