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Write about McCarthy’s methods of telling the story from page 111-131 By the time they come upon a once grand house, the boy and man are starving. There are suspicious items in the house, such as piles of blankets and clothes and shoes and a bell attached to a string, but the man these. He finds a door in the floor of a pantry, and breaks the lock. The boy becomes frightened and repeatedly asks if they can leave. In the basement, the man and boy find naked people who are being kept alive for others to eat. The man and boy flee just as the road agents return. They hide in the woods through the freezing night, the man feeling certain that this is the day when he's going to have to kill his son. But they survive the night and go undiscovered. The man and the boy are in a desperate state and find the once grand house in which they find a trap door, containing people being captive so they can be eaten when the father discovers this he realises that him and his boy are in danger so he takes the boy and they run for their lives and then later discover an old apple orchard with some dried out apples. The man then continues to the house that's adjacent to the orchard, where he finds a tank of water. The man fills some jars with water, gathers the dried apples, and takes them back to the boy. They then continue their journey onwards. The narrative and point of view in the road in page (111-131) starts in third person `they’d had no food and little sleep in five days’ this makes the readers feel emotions for the father and son as we can imagine how they are feeling McCarthy uses voices to tell the story of the road as we see it from different points of view when it first starts of it starts of as third person and we can understand how the boy and the father are feeling it’s almost like the father is talking as the narrator as he knows what is happening and what is going

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