The Korean War Essay

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The Korean War Amy Peace August 3, 2012 HIS/135 There were many effects of the Korean War. Some were long-term and some were not. Two of the long-term effects to me would be how African Americans were allowed fighting in racially integrated units under the US Army, and how South Korean economy struggled until the late 1960’s when its economy boomed. This was the first time African American men were allowed to fight in an integrated manner. This was very important in that after the war this continued. Since then, all races are allowed to fight together for the good of our country. South Korea was a very poor country. Now, since the late 1960’s, they have had an economic boom. Their economy is doing extremely well. South Korea has one of the largest economies in Asia. They are doing much better than North Korea, who still remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. One short term effects would be how Korean immigrants who came to the US after the war were treated. They were basically shunned. They were large in number. Sadly for them, they suffered a great deal of resentment from the people who remained behind in Korea even though Korean immigration had been going on before the war as well. Another short term effect of the Korean War is that many people were killed. Nearly a million South Korean citizens and soldiers were killed. They were killed fighting or trying to escape and were killed. North Korean soldiers and citizens were not included in this count, but many of them were killed as well. I feel that Truman’s response was justified. The Soviet Union had been blocked in Central and Southern Europe. The only hope they had was to convince the people of Western Europe to vote for them in elections. This strategy was dashed by the success of the Marshall Plan. Choosing to sponsor North Korea in their invasion was out of the norm

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