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Kite Runner Study Guide After Amir wins the kite tournament, his loyal companion or servant Hassan runs after the kite that Amir cut down as a trophy, and as he runs away Amir says to him “don’t come back empty handed” and Hassan says “for you a thousand times over”, and that’s when he runs into Assef the racist bully who wants Amir’s trophy kite; when Hassan refuses, Assef rapes him while Amir watches cowardly. At the end, when Amir goes to run the kite for Sohrab he says “for you a thousand times over” which is the same thing Hassan said to Amir. The author chose these frame sequence to show how Amir the person who always ran from the truth and problems, finally owned up to his mistake and returned all the good deeds that Hassan had done for him by doing the same for his son. Amir and Hassan were very close to each other but at the same time Amir always acted like he was better than him, but deep inside I think Amir felt like he was a lot lower than him because his honesty, bravery and loyalty was no match to Hassan’s. Amir also didn’t like Hassan because he overheard his dad talking to Rahim Khan about how Hassan always has to protect Amir when kids pick on him and how Amir never stands up for himself. Amir always tested Hassan’s loyalty by asking him to eat dirt or by throwing…show more content…
They would play under it, Amir would read stories for Hassan under it, he taught Hassan how to read and write under it and I think the last time they were under it was when Amir was throwing the pomegranates at Hassan so they left it on a bad note. That pomegranate tree was a place where Amir could be himself and not worry about what other people thought of him for hanging out with Hassan and therefore their relationship under that tree was a more real and intense. I think what he meant by the tree not having fruits for years was that their happiness under that tree gave it life and how Hassan wanted that relationship

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