The Kite Runner Coming Of Age Analysis

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A coming of age story is a genre of literature that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood. The Kite Runner follows the coming of age of Amir. Throughout different stages of Amir's life he is faced with many challenges while in some cases his reactions are detrimental, he grows and matures from each obstacle. Amir faces three big challenges throughout his life and these are his guilt, his acceptance and finally his atonement. In the his childhood, Amir is characterized by one major event. "I became what I am today at the age of twelve." It is obvious that Hassan's rape is the first of many turning points in Amir's life. This rape end the simplicity of his childhood and forces him into pressure and depressions of adult…show more content…
When Amir initially received this call by Rahim Khan, he is initially hesitant as this would mean he would be forced to revisit his memories from the pasts. However, he decides it is time to atone for his sins. He agrees to rescuing Hassan's son as a way to repair him, although this puts him in the centre of the Taliban, one of the most violent armies in the world. Furthermore, during his confrontation with Assef, when they fight Amir gets a feeling of freedom when he is repeatedly beaten as after all this time, he finally feels "punished" for his sins against Hassan. This is a pivotal moment in Amir's life as Assef has done Hassan would have never done to him. He beat Amir, and from this moment on Amir will be released from his metaphorical shackles that has always tied him down from expressing his deepest secrets. He manages to escape and decides to adopt Sohrab as one final act of atonement towards Hassan. After Amir's atonement, it shows Amir's final major growth as a person. This coming of age story focuses on Amir's growth as a character and how he changes from this unlikable brat to this courageous fatherly figure. From his experiences with guilt , acceptance and atonement, he is finally able to overcome his guilt and
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