The Kite Runner

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English 9/9H- Mrs. Agarabi Name: The Kite Runner Vocabulary Directions: Below are the words from The Kite Runner which we predict may need our attention. We have given some of them to you in context, meaning that we’d like you to infer what the word means from the “clues” which surround each word. First, please do your best to underline the clues and make an educated guess about each word from its context; then, look them up to see if you are correct. Regents Level words are underlined. 1. unatoned - “It was my past of unatoned sins” (1). 2. appendage- “I can still see his tiny low-set ears and that pointed stub of a chin, a meaty appendage that looked like was added as a mere afterthought” (3). 3. cleft lip- “And the cleft lip, just left of midline, where the Chinese doll maker’s instrument may have s lipped, or perhaps he had simply grown tired and careless” (3). 4. intricate- “Intricate mosaic tiles...covered the floors of the four bathrooms” (4) and intricacies “ He taught us about the intricacies of performing the five daily namaz prayers” (15). 5. oscillating- “I have heard that Sanaubar’s suggestive stride and oscillating hips sent men to reveries of infidelity” (8) [let’s also locate the definition which has to do with decision- making] 6. atrophied- “But polio had left Ali with a twisted, atrophied right leg that was sallow skin over bone…” (8) 7. bazaar “I remember one night, when I was eight, Ali was taking me to the bazaar to buy some naan” (8) 8. garrulous- As confided to a neighbor’s servant by a garrulous midwife, who had then told them in turn anyone who would listen...( 10). 9. obstinate- “Of course, Baba refused, and everyone shook their heads in dismay at his obstinate ways” (13). 10. lumbered- “In the distance, across the lake, a truck lumbered around a corner on the hill (14). 11. scoffed- “When
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