The Kite Runner

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Afghanistan is a coarse and dishonourable place to reside. Khaled Hosseini explains this in his novel The Kite Runner. Afghanistan’s degrading class system is horrific and inhumane. This inhumane, rigid system allows for ethnic discrimination, constant warfare and poverty. To begin, Afghanistan is divided into two main ethnic classes—the Pushtuns and the Hazaras. The Pushtuns believe they are better than the Hazaras due to the fact that they are more financially stable. In The Kite Runner, Baba, a wealthy Pushtun and the father of Amir, throws a party for Amir for winning a kite flying tournament. Baba invites only his fellow Pushtuns. He had his servants Ali & Hassan, both Hazaras, wait on the guests. After the party, Ali & Hassan clean the home and cook for Baba and Amir. Another instance where ethnic discrimination is at its worst is when the young Hassan is cornered in an alley, beaten and then raped by a Pushtun boy his own age, named Assef. Hassan is beaten and raped due to the fact that he is just “a Hazara” (Hosseini, The Kite Runner, p74). Further in the novel, Amir, after moving to America, travels back to Afghanistan to save Hassan’s son, Sohrab, from the eccentric Assef, who is a higher member of the Taliban. Assef has sexually abused, beaten and forced Sohrab to belly dance, all because Sohrab is just a “Hazara boy” (p294). To another extent of ethnic discrimination, Baba is Hassan’s biological father but he will never admit to it for the sake of “his honour,” (p235) and “his name” (p235). For if people would find out about this, Baba would be socially casterized. The discrimination of ethnicity throughout Afghanistan is contributing to the decaying class system. The constant warfare is another main contributor to the decaying Afghanistan class system. Once the Taliban came into power after defeating the “Shorawi,” (p215) they
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