The Kite Runner Essay

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Everyone must aware of the name of Afghanistan. Since the 9/11 tragedy, the US government accused the Talibans terrorist from Afghanistan as the culprit. The US military force attacked the Talibans in Afghanistan and conquer them in no time. US government claimed that they have the Afghan people from the suppression from the Talibans government. Despite of all the incidents that are happening in Afghanistan, the author of The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini, has written a powerful fiction novel about friendship and loyalty of two Afghan boys. Amir, the main character in the book, has betrayed Hassan, his childhood friend. Due to the wars that are happening in Afghanistan, he and his father move to USA. However, Amir’s past and guilty is calling him back to his homeland. He returns to Afghanistan to rescue Hassan’s son from the Taliban regime. Amir and Hassan’s relationship since childhood has lead them into numerous incidents which test their friendship and loyalty and will change their life forever. The beginning part of the novel tells us about Amir, Hassan, and their family live peacefully in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. Amir and Hassan are together most of the time; they cannot be separated. However, Amir is sometimes jealous of Hassan because Amir’s father, Baba, loves him so much. Once, when Amir is reading a book to Hassan, Hassan asks what the word “imbecile” means. Amir lies to him by telling it means “smart” or “intelligent”. On the other hand, Hassan is very loyal to Amir and will do anything for him. When they are bullied by Assef and his friends, Hassan protects Amir threat Assef not to tease them anymore. These incidents shows Hassan’s courage as Amir’s servant and best friend. Probably the most important part in this novel, is the kite-fighting championship. As a team, Amir and Hassan works well to win the contest. After Amir beats the last

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