The Kiss-A-Pig Auction Report

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We got the site at around 4:00 and promptly we were dictated what we had to do. We were told that we would perform the duty of ‘runners’ and proceed to issue the bidders’ items to them while keeping them from taking their own items. This was merely to make the paperwork easier to address on the side of the organization, and to prevent any thefts, which was evidently an issue last year. The auction did not take place until much later in the day, around 7:00, but until then, we were given miscellaneous odd jobs, including a little physical labor. Up until the actual, verbal auction, people who arrived early were given the opportunity to put their money towards the cause by participating in the silent auction. There were several different items up for bidding, including a beer cooler, hair removal solutions, art pieces, and stuffed toys.…show more content…
We were supposed to guard the items. We did our job well. Only one man, an older man, made it past our line. We quickly informed him of the proper item claiming procedure, pointing him out the crowded table with the flustered ADA workers behind it. He scoffed at us. The whole experience, volunteering at the Kiss-A-Pig Auction, was rewarding in that I learned much more about the disorder. It was not so much the statistics, numbers that I heard from the people who gave speeches, it was hearing first-hand accounts that taught me how much of an issue diabetes is to Americans today. Seeing numbers and hearing experiences are two different

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