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Running head: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS LIKE… The Kingdom Of God Is Like… Marcus Dyson Grand Canyon University BIB 123 New Testament History September 19, 2009 The Kingdom Of God Is Like… In Jesus’ teachings he taught about the Kingdom in terms other than referring to heaven. Jesus taught about the importance of “loving your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 19:19) and other lessons like allowing little children to come to him, “for such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). Jesus’ teachings were about a way of life that expresses or establishes the Kingdom of God here on earth. Jesus never condoned a political kingdom, though he did teach that in the final days, God would rule over everything (Niswonger, 1992). God’s Kingdom is a new society that Jesus wants to create in this world-within human history, not after the Second Coming or a future apocalypse or anything else (McLaren, 2006). In reading Tame’s article, two metaphors about the kingdom stand out to me. The first one that stands out is the music teacher who teaches children to work together to present a final harmonious performance. You get many different children from all walks of life and backgrounds to come together and learn to sing as one. This is no easy task. It takes plenty of sacrifice, discipline, and hard work. The end result however is one that is so rewarding. The other metaphor that stands out to me is the midwife who explained how a kitchen table is a place of nurturing a growing family. The family comes to this table to be fed and what is put before them determines their physical, mental and emotional state of being. Even though Jesus’ teachings through parables may be profound and powerful, there still may be a need to better explain the Kingdom of God. Contemporary metaphors can coincide

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