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RUNNING HEAD: THREE STORIES Three Stories from the Galilean Ministry of Jesus Starla Hunt Grand Canyon University Imagine living during a time where a child is born to a virgin mother for the sole purpose of granting eternal salvation for the entire world. Going through the Galilean ministry of Jesus, there were a whole lot of miracles that He performed. When these miracles were performed, they were not performed just to allow the fulfillment ofprophesy gained from the Old Testament, but also to allow Jewish people to see some of the key factors of the Kingdom of God. The next few paragraphs are going to focus on three stories from the Galilean ministry period: The banquet at Matthew’s house, the parable about the rich young ruler and Jesus, and a widow who gave everything she had. The second parable is about a rich young ruler who explains that in the Kingdom of God those who are last will be first, and those who are first shall be last. A rich young ruler died and wanted to go into heaven but he could not understand the phrase, “It is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle then it would be for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Mark 10:25). It was very easy for this man who was richer than most, to value his possessions instead of giving to the poor, which would have made it easier for him to enter the Kingdom of God. God does not look at the worldly possessions of someone; rather He looks inside to see if one has a pure heart.

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