The King's Speech

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The king's speech In 1925, prince Albert, Britain's king George V's second son, was his father asked at London's wembley harnesses the British empire exhibition.Compared to the older son David, "do not love jiangshan beauty" in the future of the duke of Windsor, prefer king Albert, unfortunately, suffering from severe stuttering Albert.The gestures are quietly looking forward to the debut of Albert.But in the end only listen to the radio Albert intermittent sound "announced... I have to do something............ I promise...", because of his stammer, he spit out a word in 20 seconds. Looked at her husband in 1934, Albert stuttering, still be incompetent doctor trick, his wife Maureen go out find a speech therapist Lionel logue doctors cure for her husband.The doctor asked the prince first-name basis Lionel, and call Albert Bertie, prince tensions tend to blend;Doctor's problems seem to be a matter of stuttering: "first is how to become so? What time do you start?""I don't want to talk about personal problems, don't mess with me!"Behind the sudden fury Albert, the doctor understand, each other have trauma, that's the key to lead to severe stuttering.The doctor's words expression seems to contain the invisible power, Albert calm down: "can you cure me"?"Yes," the doctor calmly and with confidence.The doctor asked Albert read a passage.Took a book, but Albert read don't phonate.Was about to throw the book, the doctor insisted on a headset, Albert for recording. Christmas is near 1934, king George v speech as the national broadcast, after the speech encouraged by Albert trying to read it.Albert gloom, disgust when king, I got it is impossible to read this.Can father desire: fascism has combative eyeing, Stalin also eyeing, country, family depend on you to support.While I was in, you have to be!Albert to don't make any noise.Father disappointed.
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