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The King of Swaton In the far away land of Swaton, everything was pleasant under the rule of Great King Ulyi. King Ulyi had only one beautiful daughter named Edna. King Ulyi did not have a son so he was in search for the one special knight to marry his daughter and take over his kingdom. Great knights from far and wide came to try to win Edna’s affection but everyone seemed to fail. Time passed and knights came and left, but no knight seemed to be good enough for both Edna and King Ulyi. One day, a mysterious knight approached Swaton. The knight came to the king and announced that he was here to win his worthiness: “What is your name noble knight?” said King Ulyi “Knight Levi and this is my loyal squire Tyler.” Replied the knight.…show more content…
In the morning the King announced that his daughter’s heart must be won. Edna has been sent and imprisoned in a cave deep within the forest of Howlve. The king begins to send knights out one by one to see if they can complete the test. Weeks pass and no one comes back with Lady Edna. The king calls upon Knight Levi to try and complete the task. Knight Levi goes on his journey and Squire Tyler goes with him as he normally would. The closer Knight Levi and Tyler get to the forest the faster the sun seems to set. By the time they reach The Forest of Howlve it is almost completely dark. Knight Levi advances into the forest. The silent winds rattled the trees. Shivering and scared, Knight Levi dismounts. Howling is heard in the distance and seems to be getting closer. Knight Levi draws his sword but seems not ready to fight. Instantly, a pack of wild wolves surround Knight Levi and Tyler. Knight Levi begins swinging his Great Sword of Brutality but the numbers of the wolves is too great and Knight Levi falls to the ground and loses his sword. While Knight Levi is being swarmed by wolves, Tyler picks of the Great Sword of Brutality and goes into a fit of rage. Squire Tyler was slaying many wolves but it seemed like the wolves were in numbers greater than imaginable. Tyler clinched the magic compass in his hand. An enormous blinding wave of light is released from the compass and all the wolves

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