The Kind Christmas Essay

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Act I - Watt Family Living Room - Christmas Eve Thelma: (Singing as she is stirring something in a bowl with a large spoon, as if she is cooking. She is dancing around behind the couch. Sings song to the tune of “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful“) Verse Oh come all ye Family, join our ceb-re-lation. We’re hav-ing some com-pa-ny from the - big ci-ty! We ha---ven’t seen these folks, Since they were tiny chill- dren. Chorus Oh come and wel-come the kin folk, Oh come and wel-come the kin folk, Oh come and wel-come the kin folk, Watt fam -i-ly!!!! (goes up on last note holds it like she is singing opera, makes a spectacular finish. She even takes a bow.) Bessie Mae: (Comes running in out of breath. I know it should be “tarnation” but carnation is funnier! Bessie Mae has a way of getting words mixed up. ) What in carnation is going on in here Thelma Lou?! Did ol’ Snooper get caught in the bear trap again?! Thelma: What do you mean, Bessie Mae? Know: I’m here Bessie Mae! I’ll help you get Snooper out of the trap. I heard him howl all the way down at the Miamitty (pronounced My-am-a- tee) pond! Bessie Mae: The pond? That’s over a mile away on the Miamitty county line. Know: I know it, but I would recognize that howl anywhere. The crows started scattering like they had seen a hawk. The fish started jumping, the boats were turning over…I ain’t never seen nothing like it in my life! And that noise… (howls - then puts hands over ears) make it stop, Bessie Mae, make it stop! Bessie Mae: I’m telling you the truth, since they gave you the lead in the Christmas play at church you are the king of drama. Was it really that bad? Know: Well, it might have been more like… “hooo” (says it real quietly). Thelma: Both of you-unsus just shut your pie holes. Snooper wudn’t caught in

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