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Today, I am going to talk about the key of success. Although, I think there are many ways to success, I will explain three keys of success. I exhibit some examples. The first one is to continue to steadily remain active, the second one is having a strong desire to success, and the last one is to be full of confidence. As for me, the success is to be able to speak English. Therefore, I will talk about the success based on my situation. First of all, to make steady efforts is quite important thing to success. I have some reasons why I think so. Because, the quantity that a human being can memorize is limited. Therefore, to continue remembering a few things everyday is better than remember a lot of things in a day. For instance, I remembered about 50 vocabularies at the once when I was junior high school student. But now, I noticed it is not efficiency way to remember it. Thus, I started to remember 10 words everyday. Secondly, I think to have a strong desire to success is also an important thing to success. I have some reasons for this and give you a example. As a matter of course, if you don’t want to a singer, you won’t be a singer. In the other hand, if you really want to be an architect, you will may become an architect. Because obviously I will make an effort as the amount of desires that I want become an architect. Moreover, I think to compete with a powerful rival is one of a good way. The last and the most important one is to be full of confidence. You can keep in good condition if you have confidence. Then, I consider how can be confident. As a result, I could figure out the way. It is the best preparation. For example, if you study hard when you have a exam, you can have confidence before the exam. It is an idea of Keisuke Honda who is my respected person. He is a professional soccer player and his policy is always helping me to do something.

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