The Karate Kid Compare and Contrast

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Joelle Paige Enf 3/ Eng 111 Professor Ciarniello April 1, 2013 Final Draft/Compare and Contrast Essay The Karate Kid is Reborn It’s amazing to see the re-make of old movies. Whether black and white, color, style, or even how it’s directed. I have chosen two of the same movies that were produced in two different years. I was able to compare some parts and set aside the differences as well. I enjoyed both movies but in a different way when it came to the Asian philosophy and how they do things differently than the American philosophy. The movies that I have chosen to take a look at were The Karate Kid from 1984 and then the newer one from 2010. I feel that The Karate Kid from 1984 portrayed more meaning to its story when it came to discipline, learning, lessons, and challenges. I think the other movie had good traits as well, but being that it was an older movie, movie with older characters, we here many people say that older people are always wiser of things that are said and that is being done. I felt that The Karate Kid from 1984 displayed more traits effectively rather than the one from 2010 when it came to discipline, challenges, and bonding moments. As I watched both movies were in a different era, which had some similarities. I found that both young boys lost their fathers at a young age, and the mothers were raising the boys alone. The mothers moved to a different place because of their job, so the boys had to deal with new everything and adjust to it. They both were not welcome to where they were and got into many fights, and stood up for themselves, but primarily because of a girl that they liked. However, in both movies was a maintenance man who was well known instructors for karate/kung fu. Who seek that the boys needed help, so they not just taught them how to fight, but they taught them different forms of techniques in a form of

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