“the Kandahar Massacre” Essay

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Sergeant Robert Bales has always been known as a respectable man who loves his family. While growing up in Norwood, Ohio he was the youngest sibling to his four brothers. He was described as a generous and caring young man who often helped out his elderly neighbor. Married, with two young children, Bales enlisted in the United States Army after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. He was soon deployed to Iraq three times before getting deployed to Afghanistan. He is now the suspect of murdering sixteen afghan civilians in two separate villages while they were sleeping in their homes, while wounding several others. This includes nine children, four men, and three women. Within forty-eight hours of the massacre, he was taken to a maximum security military prison, in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where he awaits his trial. While investigators and court officials are still trying to decide whether they have enough evidence, his family and loved ones await, hoping he is found innocent. If he is found guilty, the Military is seeking to sentence him with the death penalty. According to the United States government officials, the Obama Administration, and the U.S. Army, Bales acted alone and even confessed to slaughtering the people exclaiming, “I thought I was doing the right thing.” Although those close to Bales say otherwise, the military insists he was having some marital issues for a while before the incident. He left the camp while being consumed with alcohol and carrying a pistol and an automatic rifle. He then went to Balandi village in the district of Panjwai, in the province of Kandahar, and killed six Afghans in their sleep and returned to the Army base. He left again for the Alkozai village, this time killing eleven civilians. He gathered the eleven bodies and set them on fire, including the corpses of four girls younger than the age of

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