The Jungle Essay

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1. Motif: "...persuade himself that he was better... he declared he was going back to work." poverty 2. Character Development: "... Jurgis flew into a passion of nervous rage... he would kill him if he did not stop." Strain of joblessness effecting his personality 3. Motif: "... he could not go on without almost broke his heart... leaning against a pillar and weeping like a child..." Obligation to provide 4. Motif: "... little boy's fingers were permanently disabled... he always had to be beaten before he set out for work..." how far family has to go in order to survive 5. Theme: "... they would hunt through their pockets and begin to cry..." Entire chapter is about their poverty 6. Simile: "Two years he had been yoked like a horse to a half-ton truck in Durham's..." Exasperation of how hard he worked 7. Character Development: "...Jurgis did not have...confidence, nor the same reason..." Loss of hope 8. Metaphor: "The vast majority were simply the worn-out parts of the great merciless packing machine.." How worthless one worker is to the business 9. Motif: "...promise they would keep... for two years... after that the victim could not sue." Corruption of business 10. "There could be no trifling in a case like this, it was a matter of life and death... might be a great deal better freeze in the snow drift than lose his job at the lard machine." Shows the desperation of their porverty stricken lives, that the children need to understand the importance of working at their young

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