The Judgement Essay

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In life, there are times when you encountered some difficulties. It is your choice to decide whether to confront or avoid those obstacles. However, for Fak, all those heart wrenching moments done by the society weakened him. From the novel “the judgement” , the author ‘Chart Korbjitti’ , chooses to end the story with tragically because he learnt that ‘doing the best’ is not the best way to warrant the success in life. People should be aware of their outlook to ensure the faith of himself by other people and to remind us about five Buddhist precepts. The first theme is gossip in the society. Fak's father has passed away, leaving Fak to care for his father's widow, Somsong, who is quite out of her mind. However there is a scandal of him by the society. It is the rumour of him taking as his wife, a widow who is slightly deranged. There are many more scandal shocking the kingdom such as having sexual intercourse everyday. The villagers are horrified by Somsong's innocently provocative skirt-flipping and so on, and so forth, which up till now he might not even remember all the rumours about him. As one of the people, who has a lot of rumours, there is always someone watching over every move he has and creates more rumours about him. That is definitely a change on a life of a once simple janitor in one little school. Furthermore, Fak receives more criticisms as well as distrust from the elders in the village. His rumours are very well received by the people and so becomes a hit gossip of the society. Unlike fairy tales, in real life, justice never exists. The value and belief forms within the society are real and thus affect all the members whether it is right or wrong. One may commit something wrong but people will favor him unlike other people, who behave well but were succumbed by the pressure of the society. Even though Fak has already died; people still don’t

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