The Joy Luck Club Belonging Essay

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2011 Paper 1 Section III Question 3: Sample Responses (15 marks) Explore how perceptions of belonging and not belonging can be influenced by connections to places. In your response refer to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing. Sample Response: Novel Prescribed text: The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan, 1989 Related text: Museum Victoria: Immigration Museum (website) Links directly to question Offers an original thesis which takes question into account Names the text to be examined and their context Belonging or not belonging is a perception, or something that we feel. We are influenced by many factors…show more content…
In particular, people recount how they have connected to their new Australian environment through maintaining some of their home country traditions in a new setting. By doing this, they can transfer what is similar from their old way of life to the new one, establish community links with others who have the same traditions and use the community bonds they establish to help adapt to their new Australian community. All these ways of connecting the old and new places help them belong, in the same ways as Amy Tan explores belonging through place in The Joy Luck Club. Discussion of the use and purpose of symbols People’s stories are presented in video clips, offering first-person narratives beside still images with written explanation. The site tags all the individual stories in several ways, so that the user can explore the multiple ways that people adapt to a new place and make connections. A significant way that new immigrants develop a sense of belonging is by connecting the old place to the new. These connections of place are made symbolically, through items or ceremonies from the home culture that are used in the new place to create a link. How clothing can create connections to place and

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