The Joy Luck Club: Analysis Of June And Suyuan'S Relationship.

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The Joy Luck Club Analysis of themes, characters and setting Question: ‘June felt she never knew her mother, yet she has to tell her sisters about her. What does she learn about herself – and her mother – by the end of the film?’ The Joy Luck Club is an emotional story about four women who saw life as they had seen it back in China. During 1930s China, women were treated as second class citizens and were often abused. Through sad and painful experiences, these four women had tried to raise their daughters to live the American dream by giving them love and support; such things which were not available to them when they were young. These women expose their individual experiences in narrative form as they re-lived it in their memories, to teach their daughters about what they went through. These flashbacks take us to the minds of these women and we see the events occur through their eyes. There were many conflicts and misunderstandings between the two generations due to their differences in upbringing and childhood. In the end, however, these conflicts would bring mother and daughter together to form a bond that would last forever. After Suyuan Woo, An-mei Hsu, Lindo Jong and Ying-ying St. Clair built a friendship in church, shortly after migrating to America, they decided to meet on a weekly basis to pay mah-jong, tell stories, eat and laugh together; like a slice of China in an American society. At the same time, they also liked to boast about their daughters, tried to outdo each other’s special Chinese recipes and shared in the common elements of their culture and the misfortune of their pasts. The film begins shortly after the death of Suyuan, when her daughter June is invited to join the Joy Luck Club, to take her mother’s place at the table. It continues from there with multi-generational stories shown through a series of flashbacks over the period

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