The Journey Of Expedition Of Lewis And Clark

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LEWIS AND CLARK The Louisiana territory was purchased on the 30th April 1803. It was a large area of undiscovered land. The US President gave mission to Lewis and Clark to explore the new land in order to discover elusive Northwest Passages and water routes to the Pacific. The purpose of this work is to favor and easy trades and diplomacies. They were also responsible to record and make scientific observations on the new territory, resources and activities along their journey. By detailing flora, fauna animals and natural resources, they could excavate valuable resources that are suitable for trade business and make big money. Furthermore, they could make contact with Native Americans and establish diplomatic and trading relationships with them. In conclusion, the purposes and objectives of the Expedition are all for the benefiting of trade and money making. During the ‘Corps of Discovery’, Lewis and Clark and their men faced many difficulties including geography, wildlife, weather and communication, etc. The men did have never experience in extreme geography like mountain climbing, quick rivers and waterfall back in the East, however, during their…show more content…
In long terms of view, Lewis and Clark had provided us a more accurate view of the American West, their journey and records had clarified to the public more of the real part of the land but not the imaginary part of it. They showed the public that the West has high potential for commerce and trades which then richen the economy and develops into the fascinating part of the country nowadays. To be rounded up, the Expedition opened up the West. In short terms of view, the Expedition was significance because It is to impress France, Spain and England in order to maintain and develop a loyal relationship with these countries and stable economy. The Expedition also inspired the Indians on their geography knowledge of the
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