The Journey Of An Immigrant.

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From 1892 until 1942, more than twelve million people came to the United States through Ellis Island from numerous European nations. Sometimes men made the long journey alone in the hope to succeed and return home to their families after a few years. Other times, families traveled together leaving everything behind relatives, friends, and their personal belongings. They came for many reasons and were all driven by the hope of a better life but encountered numerous obstacles. Life for that first generation of European immigrants was extremely difficult. Some were not able to accomplish their goals and had to make the difficult decision to go back home. Others found ways to overcome the obstacles and establish roots in the New World. After all, this was America, the land of opportunities. New immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. They’re being "processed" before they are allowed to continue their journey to America. And now, their journey begins. One member of a family going to America first and then saving to bring the others over was frequent. Similarly, from 1900 to 1910, approximately 95 percent of the immigrants arriving at Ellis Island were joining either family or friends. Obtaining a ticket was easy since all tickets were sold without space reservations After 1900, in addition to a ticket, however, immigrants had to protect a passport from officials in their home country. They would travel by train, wagon, donkey or even by foot. Sometimes travelers would have to wait days, weeks and even months at the port, either for their paperwork to be completed or for their ship to get there because train schedules were not matched with sailing dates. Additionally, they had a law. The law stated that each passenger had to answer up to 31 questions before boarding the ship. In detail, they were basic questions about theirselves. Immigrants were also
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