The Journey Down the Mississippi River Huck and Jim Essay

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Victor Gong Journey down the Mississippi River During the course of their journey down the Mississippi River, Huck and Jim develop a strong friendship and respect for each other. Their shared experiences escaping from their very different forms of captivity result in the numerous adventures they encounter along their way. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the story of Huck’s maturation as he runs away from the close environment of the Widow Douglas and her sister, Miss Watson, and finds himself forced to take care of himself, as well as helping the escaped slave, Jim, evade capture. In the beginning of the book, Huck’s character is immature in his thought of his life and surroundings. He is too young and immature to value how good he actually has it relative to many around him. Huck continuously feels sad about his fate and dreams of his independence, the kind of independence that allows him to live care-free with no responsibilities . An early example of Huck’s growing maturation involves his regrets about playing a practical joke on Jim involving a dead snake; this joke takes on forbidding undertones as the two simple souls attribute the snake prank as a foreshadow of bad things. Therefore, as the two seek out the town of Cairo, they begin to speculate that their difficulties finding it are a consequence of their bad luck. Huck attempts to be humorous:“ I says:” Maybe we went by Cairo in the fog that night.” Jim says: “ Dona le’s talk about it, Huck. Po; niggers can’t have no luck. I awluz’ spected dat rattlesnake skin warn;t done wid its work. I wish I’d never seen that snake sjin”. “Jim I do wish I’d never laid eyes on it.” It aint yo’ foult, Huckj; you dind; know. Don’t you blame yo’self bout it.” In this exchange, Huck is beginning to develop a conscience and a greater sense of responsibility for his actions. He is beginning to understand

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