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In the story "Baba Yaga" and "Yeh-Shen" there are many points that contrast, like the characters and settings. In many Cinderella stories the characters are almost the same, like the evil step-mother or stepsister and a prince. But in different versions of Cinderella that is not always true. "Yeh-Shen" is a typical Cinderella story but it has some different characters. Yeh-Shen has an evil stepmother that treats her horribly. Yeh-Shen also has friend that is a fish. The fish is a magical character that helps her throughout the story. Another character in "Yeh-Shen" is the king. The king falls in love with Yeh-Shen and marries her. However, in "Baba Yaga" they have entirely different characters. The main characters are the twins and Baba Yaga. The twins is a girl and a boy that are sent to the evil witch, Baba Yaga's house. Baba Yaga is the evil witch that is mean to the twins. Also "Baba Yaga" had magical animals/objects that helped the twins like the cat, dog, mice, gates, birds, and tree. Secondly, the setting in these stories differ from each other. They have multiple setting, that are not always the same in both stories. "Yeh-Shen" takes place in a cave, in China. It also takes place by the bank of water where the fish lives. In addition, to the bank and cave it also takes place at the spring festival. On the other hand, "Baba Yaga" takes place at Baba Yaga's house. Another place where the story takes place is the forest. In conclusion, many Cinderella stories have different versions that are not always alike. In "Yeh-Shen" and "Baba Yaga" the characters and settings were completely

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