The Joker's Social Experiment Essay

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The Joker’s Social Experiment (Dark Night Essay) It is shown in the clip that there are two ferries which both contain a multitude of people. In one ferry it only contains criminals and the other contains civilians including women and children. Both ferries have a detonator to the other, thus giving each of them a chance to blow the other up; to save themselves. This therefore gives the image of evil (convicts) VS innocent (civilians). The dilemma that they are faced, is that of saving their own lives and to destroy the boat of the convicts, the reason that this is such a large problem in this scene is down to human conscience. The ability to overcome what you know is morally wrong i.e. killing others. It is made very hard due to the moral humanity and how people always care about others and also don’t want to be left with the feeling of guilt and have their actions held over them for the rest of their lives. In this predicament there were many different solutions; including using the detonator and blowing the other ferry up before the time limit is reached, therefore saving your own life and that of those on the same ship. There is the option of not detonating it at all because they know it is morally wrong to kill others and so decide to give their lives instead. There was also the option of just waiting out the time and seeing if what the Joker said was true, this may have been a good option because then you wont have the guilt of killing anyone and you are also doing the morally right thing, even if it means both ferries may be blown up. To conclude it is obvious that the situation is tough and it would be hard to make an informed decision due to morality and how they were under pressure of both time and of the other detonating first. To create a situation like this fairer and rather than just making one person decide, something like the use of a vote

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