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The Issues Involved in Defining and Measuring Intelligence Essay

  • Submitted by: takitaki
  • on November 17, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Issues Involved in Defining and Measuring Intelligence" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This essay discusses the issues involved in defining and measuring intelligence. It states the different groups of people and how their mental traits are divided to help understand the degree of their intelligence. It also discusses what part culture, age and time frame plays in numerically defining mental abilities and skill set. Theories like the g-factor of numerical values like IQ, and there positive or negative effect on the process of defining and measuring intelligence, are also discussed.
The degree and intensity of intelligence is perceived differently through different cultures, religion and age. intelligence is looked at differently by the quality of success in a specific culture in a specific time, for example an individual with excellent sense of medicine in plant life will be considered intelligent in the Amazon rain Forrest but on the other hand in the western world people who have the ability to understand and solve high school problems might be considered intelligent in those areas (Sternberg & Kaufman, 1998, cited in Myers 2013). more over some societies define intelligence as a biological ability to process information if this is so then most modern sophomores cannot be put into the genius category on the other hand if intelligence is taken to be the ability to solve statistical problems then modern sophomores are more inclined to fall in the genius category (Hunt, 2011). The above stated cultural and mind set differences pose a considerably serious problem when it comes to measuring intelligence mathematicaly. Charles spearman, despite the obvious problems discussed above, tired to give intelligence a numerical value. He believed that there was a common skill set, g factor as he called it, in every individual be it excelling in school or sailing a boat. His tests found out that people scoring high in one area, like verbal intelligence, more often than not scored higher than average in other areas. On the other hand L. L. Thurston argued...

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