The Issue Of Unwed Motherhood

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Over the centuries, a distinct change has occurred involving the influence of unwed motherhood, which significantly impacts society, the church, and individuals. After a person commits such a sin, many life-changing decisions must be made, including whether to follow the Bible or to turn towards fleshly direction. Mothers going through this difficult time need love and guidance to make these important decisions, and the church should be there to help. The role of the Christian church in this situation, however, has changed drastically over the years, but certain fundamentals and beliefs remain intact. Looking back, these opinions of acceptance and guidance were not always evident in the early church; some believed it was best to judge and punish the unwed mothers for their sin. Those who chose to stay away from the church, however, are not impartial to being judged and criticized from the outside world. The situation of unwed motherhood continues to make an impact socially and economically across America. Difficult decisions lie in every direction that an unwed mother turns. While some choose to look toward Scripture and Godly guidance, others choose a more worldly approach. 56% of unwed mother turn towards abortion as a “quick cover-up” of their original wrongdoing. By having an abortion, the mothers are, in fact, committing another sin. In Exodus 20:13, God clearly states that murder is wrong. Some that participate in this injustice may rationalize that one cannot be murdered until he is born, but the Bible plainly teaches in Job 31:15 that life begins in the womb. God gave every person life (Psalm 100:3), who are we to take it away or mistreat it? Others may not kill off their infant, but will choose to walk away from the responsibility of facing their own actions by abandoning or abusing the child. God continues to stay and support us in all

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